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Zombies Live

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Zombies Live Cheats & Tricks


12/09/2014 6:31:45 by Idiote

I found the code to release the S8 fool-joker.enter the code iMORON, and enjoy the foolish appearance!


08/09/2013 23:42:17 by BloodRunner

Put GTF957 in as a horde code and get 1 million flesh! Adversaries beware :D

Cheat for Flesh!!!

05/08/2013 23:23:20 by Nate2013

1 billion flesh for Zombies Live!!! Got the code off one of those web sites that sell codes. Still works last I tried it and uses it 10x Hope it works for you but dont spread it too much cause storm 8 will fix the glitch!!!C2B5B5

ATMs/Wins Givers/Max Horde.

22/03/2013 2:57:11 by Nemesis

Simple! Add GDQG8C. Once you get accepter, Look my wall and Enjoy! Say thnx by the way + When closed, Win goes to Nemesis.

Free 100 million money per hour

21/12/2012 6:02:28 by jk1409

Hello friends, today I get a new Zomboies live Cheat for getting 100 Millions money every hour till 2 months of entering this cheat code as can member in game. So guys use this Cheat code and enjoy.Here is CHEAT CODE:- CX8QG8. This cheat is tested on 19/12^2012

code to boost horde attack strength and flesh intake

16/11/2012 6:50:12 by pcktfltr

Enter code DN8RMT for instant horde size increase and boost attack defense and flesh ripping power. More power against the bloodsuckers. Dont know how long this code will last but verified today, get on it quick before its maxxed.

Instant lvl 300 in minutes not months!

07/11/2012 22:06:05 by Lestat

Tried of being farmed? Wish you were lvl 300 in a matter of minutes instead of months? I got this code off one of my friends who works as a developer for storm8. I almost dont want to post it because once someone finds this posting, the developers might change it, but I want to pass on the gaming advantage to someone else. P5trwp gets you max lvled in minutes. Once there, you can set yourself up for success. But hurry though. Not sure how long this code will work. P5trwp. See you in game!


01/09/2012 10:26:15 by Chaoswithin7

You guys are actually tricking people with this?


13/08/2012 20:29:34 by Grrrrr

CCVPW4 add and you get 1 horde member extra! )

Billion Flesh

16/06/2012 21:49:05 by DeadMau5

Type UUT2NR to recive and extra billion flesh.

Larger Horde

29/05/2012 5:12:10 by holsapple227

787rds adds a member to your horde

Cheat Code

28/05/2012 0:09:53 by Dante Chice

Adding R29VEE gives you 100 points to your account it also refills rage energy and health. And a bonus level up for the first time the code is entered.Enjoy!

10000 Solarium traps

31/03/2012 13:17:52 by bugatti

Add XM64H6 and get 10000 solarium traps for free

skill points

20/01/2012 3:14:29 by truckzilla46

If you put the code in 6rwn3x it gives you 6 skill points


10/01/2012 0:49:05 by malvado

h9vfxd plzz

1 more clan member

30/11/2011 14:11:08 by modz-master

add usudvy to gain 1 more clan member

Add Me Please.

25/10/2011 2:41:25 by Joshua



27/07/2011 2:36:43 by jason666

add me. 3JURS5

most powerful abilities

01/07/2011 10:13:30 by rapesauce

If you add AM5SJY to your recruits then you will receive one of the most powerful abilities in the game. 69 off and 69 def.

Free Favor Points

27/04/2011 7:06:16 by Eric81587

You can get 10 free favor points for adding 26TKQJ It only gives you 10 points but you can add this code over and over again to get more.

How to add crimsonavenger

24/04/2011 19:44:40 by Cavenger

Go to recruit then go to first invite and type in 22hrg3


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10/11/2010 | 04:24h.
Solarium Trap

there is no way to enter solarium trap info. this is one key trap that needs to be figured into defense capability, however it is missing in the tables

18/12/2010 | 00:50h.

Baltazar is right. Need to add that to the traps.

25/10/2011 | 19:43h.
Solarium Trap??

Wheres the Solarium Trap? Its missing.

02/07/2012 | 17:30h.
solarium trap

still missing almost 2yr after it was first mentioned... WTB updates please.

05/11/2012 | 11:49h.
Solarium traps

Need to add to table yourself using the add new item tab at the top of the calculator. Add solarium traps - 50 defence bonus - min lvl is 18 - price is 10000. Hope that helps guys. Feel free to add me, hkg838 :-)

22/03/2013 | 02:54h.
ATMs/Win Givers/Max Members.

Add GDQG8C, Once your invite get accepted, Enjoy Free Bloods and Wins + Max Horde.

28/06/2013 | 04:43h.

Add code GXPMEH and enjoy the 2b free flesh. :)

28/06/2013 | 04:51h.

Add code GXPMEH and enjoy the 1T income and 500B in hand. :)

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