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Magic Wars

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Magic Wars

Enter a world of wizards, spells, duels and dark magic. Follow the footsteps of Merlin, Gandalf and Harry Potter...

Will you cast an magic ice spell to freeze your enemy or trap them in a shadow vortex?


How to play Magic Wars:

1. Find the wand that´s right for you

2. Learn magic - Charms, Hexes, Illusions, and more

3. Train your mind, strength and reflexes

4. Wave your wand in the spell shape and say the incantation

5. Become stronger by winning your duels


Good or evil?

Charms or dark curses?

Which path will you choose in Magic Wars?


PS - You can play with friends on iphone/ itouch or facebook

(PPS - Magical podcasts I love: mugglecast and pottercast, and I´m looking forward to the new Harry Potter film!)


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