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Mark Of Mafia

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Mark Of Mafia Cheats & Tricks

Where do you put the codes?

25/04/2011 5:21:51 by asificared

Hey i love the idea... But where do you put the codes in to???? I really couldnt find out it didnt tell me sooooo..... Yea

My cheats ...

25/02/2010 21:59:18 by Aellyn

These are some cheats I have collected by exploring. Hope you guys enjoy... Mafia cheats500b/50 min --424493156Recharge -- 150655655Mercanaries -- 596678181Godfather Code -- 249080642Money/Family --20343772, 309072208755475096Earning over 1.1t per hour no defences and level 141 called The Kopites222522929Girldfriend acc earning over 400b level 131 and no defences or Zen Defences The Tolalitarians111753459Friends Acc earning about 900b and level 139again no defences Ghost Raiderall excellent for Experiance points very low levels familys can beat them.Recharge -- 105350969


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13/06/2011 | 16:16h.
Mark of Mafia manager

This is more of a ? . Ive been attempting to update profile, input figures, etc.. with no avail
Bottom line, Is this site active or am I completely wasting my time? Would appreciate

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